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Bulgaria In July 2019: All About A Fun & Frolic Summer Trip In The Balkan Country!

Your feet on the land of long stretches of turquoise water and cool sea breeze gently caressing your face, sounds heavenly? Tucked away somewhere in the Black Sea, Bulgaria is the heavenly place which the above lines are about. This stunning country attracts many travelers every year as it is brimming with beaches, ancient monuments, monasteries, museums and cities with electrifying nightlife and more. When a summery beach vacay is on your mind, head to this European country and get ready to bask in the sun and dive into the Black Sea beaches!

As soon as the summer arrives, beaches are what comes in everyone’s mind. Bulgaria in July is all about the beaches, sand, and sun. When your next summer vacation destination is decided all you need is a travel guide which will help you to have the best Bulgarian holiday ever! So, pick this guide up and spend summers as the Bulgarians do!

Bulgaria Weather In July

The best time to visit Bulgaria is in the summer months and July is the month when summers start in Bulgaria. The weather in Bulgaria in July will be perfect for your vacation as you can totally beat the summer heat by relaxing on the beaches and sipping delicious cocktails and mocktails. Wondering about Bulgaria temperature in July? Bulgaria observes a maximum temperature of 28ºC in the day time and at the night the temperature drops down to 18ºC.

Make your summer vacation extraordinary by and visit Bulgaria in July to explore the amazing places to visit. Here is a list of the best ones. Keep scrolling down and read along!

1. Sozopol


The first one is not only for the history enthusiasts but also for the beach lovers. An ancient seaside town in Bulgaria, Sozopol is famous among travelers for its cobbled streets, old wooden houses, and the 2 majestic beaches. Go explore the main tourist attractions like the Archaeological Museum, Church of Sveti Georgi, and Church of Sveta Bogoroditsa. If you want to have some beach fun after exploring these places, you must head to the Kavatsi Beach or Smokinya Beach.

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2. The Seven Rila Lakes

Seven Rila Lakes View

Named after their distinct feature these seven lakes are the most visited site in Bulgaria. These lakes have a different name as they are different in shapes or there is a legend behind their name that differentiates them from each other. They have different names like the Eye, the Kidney, and many other names. Hikers can also visit this place as there are adventurous trails waiting for them near the renowned lakes of Bulgaria.

3. Plovdiv


Plovdiv the second largest city in Bulgaria is also one of the most famous ones as this city has a buzzing nightlife and the instagrammable Singing Fountain. Whether you are a party lover or simply a person who loves to click pictures of unique things and places, Plovdiv should definitely be on your bucket list. Visit the fountain at day time to cool off the summer heat and at night you can sit near the fountain and enjoy the mesmerizing view. For those who would like to explore the night scenes in Plovdiv should visit the popular nightclubs and bars spread throughout the city.

If you are done exploring the spectacular places in Bulgaria, get ready to try the local specialties of the country. Keep scrolling down to know more!

1. Mavrud Wine

Mavrud Wine

It’s summers and when you are in Bulgaria if you don’t try its famous Mavrud Wine then you skipped a big part of Bulgarian tradition on your perfect summer vacay in Bulgaria in July. Prepared in Mavrud by the ancient grape called Mavrud, this wine is deep ruby in color. Bulgarians love their wine and even you will fall in love with it once you let your tastebuds relish the flavors of it.

Where To Try It: Zagreus Winery

2. Rakia


Don’t like the taste of wine? Don’t worry, try the fruit brandy prepared in Bulgaria and quench your thirst. Summers are all about cool drinks and Bulgaria will provide you ample of them. Try the locals’ favorite and get immersed in the flavors of the tasty fruit bandy. There are many variations available of Rakia as it can be made from different fruits. Try all the flavors on your summer vacay!

3. Cherni Vit Green Cheese

Cherni Vit Green Cheese

Are you a cheese fan? Do try the traditional green cheese of Bulgaria while you are on your vacation in Bulgaria in July. Revived after 20th century this local cheese is quite popular all around the world today, Made in a Cherni Vit in Bulgaria, this cheese is made with the milk of local sheep, a wooden container, and the distinct moist air. Go satiate the cheese fan in you by visiting Bulgaria.

Where To Try It: Hotel Black Vit

A traveler packing for a vacation

Here is a list of essential things you must pack for your summer vacay. Take a look!