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Go Mountain Biking In India For A Thrilling Himalayan Adventure

Mountain biking in India has gained the attention of bikers and adventure seekers alike. The Himalayan Range is the perfect setup for this extreme adventure that tests your grit and gives you experiences of a lifetime. But at the same time, it is extremely dangerous and needs professional guidance at every step.

We start with the basics of mountain biking, and gradually advance towards the extremes!

A mountain biker taking a MTB Himalaya bike excursion

Mountain biking is an adventure sport in which you go cycling across the unforgiving roads and alleys in tough mountain terrains. It is an off-road bicycling that can be pulled off only on specially designed bicycles and requires a lot of practice and stamina. For adventurers, it is a test of their nerve, precision, and optimum fitness.

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A mountain biker descending cautiously

A good mountain biker is a person who is never too far from regular practice. To prepare yourself for mountain biking in India, you must be equally competent to tame the beaten path and rough terrains. While you can take care of stamina and endurance by planning a good diet, there are other technicalities involved which can be attained through practice and keenness and must be followed religiously.

  • Braking mechanism: You must master the perfect use of brakes and also know when to shift the weight on the wheels while traveling upslope or downslope. Understanding the impact of braking holds the key and must be understood and applied efficiently, else you might topple over the handlebar.
  • Climbing uphill: Climbing uphill requires a lot of effort. There are a few things that come straight from the rulebook and must be kept in mind before cycling uphill. Some of them are, shifting to a low gear, staying seated, leaning forward and continuous pedaling.
  • Mastering the descent: Descending requires more effort from mountain bikers and you must be in complete control of your bike. Things that must be kept in mind while going downhill is shifting to a big chain wheel, avoiding the shift of weight from side to side and oversteering, rising above the saddle, dropping your seat by a couple of inches, and keeping your front paddle slightly up to avoid bumps and obstructions.

Other precautions

  • Know your bike and how it works
  • Never forget to wear a helmet
  • Know your mountain biking gears, always go for the recommended one
  • Never compromise on fitness
  • Know the place and its climatic conditions before you begin your excursion
  • Take calculated risk as you plan on climbing, jumping or traversing risky terrains
  • Always carry the first aid kit with you

A biker riding through narrow mountain path during a MTB Himalaya race

India has gradually turned into a popular destination for adventure seekers, mountain biking is among the adventure sports that give adrenaline rush and is absolutely thrilling to perform. The scene is no different in the case of mountain biking. The most popular destinations and their epic trails facilitating mountain biking in the Himalayas are:

1. Leh-Zanskar, Ladakh

A mountain biker resting mid way during a Leh-Zanskar bike tour

Leh-Zanskar mountain bike tour spans over 14 days and requires grueling cycling for 14 days, stretching over an average altitude of 4500 meters. Welcome to one of the most daunting mountain biking tours in India, which will test your acumen, stamina, zeal, and all the other necessary traits of a tough mountain biker.

Be it riding over the obstacles, flipping, or performing gravity defying stunts, this trail across the ‘roof of the world’ contains all the elements to leave you mesmerized for a very long time. Specially curated for thrill-seekers, the Leh-Zanskar bike tour takes the bikers through passes, valleys, and some of the narrowest alleys that are not at all easy to ride across. As the tour progresses the difficulty level keeps raising the bar, which in turn tests maximum daredevilry.

Duration: 14 days

Route: Zanskar- Ladakh- Kargil

Organizer | Charges: Price on request

Best time to go mountain biking in Leh Zanskar: June – September

2. Manali-Leh, Himachal Pradesh

Bikers riding across the daunting Manali-Leh trail

Arguably the most exciting as well as the most dreaded mountain biking trails in India, Manali-Leh trail takes you through the best of the Himalayas. Starting from Manali, the route stretches over the Himalayas and spans up to Khardungla- the highest motorable road in the world.

The fact that this trail traverses some of the most grueling passes of the Lesser Himalayas along with the colossal nature in the backdrop, makes it one of the most challenging rides to accomplish. Dare to complete it at least once in a lifetime and live to narrate the stories of real thrill.

Duration: 11-13 days

Route: Manali – Marhi – Sissu – Jispa – Zing Zing Bar – Brandy Nallah – Pang – Tso Kar – Upshi – Leh – Khardungla – Leh

Organizer | Charges: INR 35,000 per person onwards

Best time to go mountain biking in Manali- Leh: June – September

3. Kangra valley, Himachal

Bikers ride through the lush green Kangra valley

Mountain biking in Kangra valley is one of those daring activities that most of the adventure bikers live for. The enchanting view of Dhauladhar range, tea gardens, and pines along the way makes it one of the most daunting mountain expeditions in India. The 260 km circuit runs across the awe-inspiring Kangra valley and enchants the bikers to push their limits and tame the obstacles. The steep slopes and daunting climbs along the way keep testing the best of the adventurer in you.

The splendid view of Kangra valley enthralls the bikers with mesmerizing spectacles while the rocky terrains continue to test their mountain biking skills. As you get ready for this 5-day biking trip, make no mistake of taking it lightly. Pay attention and mind the sharp turns ahead!!

Duration: 5 days

Route: Bir – Jogindernagar & Barot – Raj Gunda – Billing – Take-off point for paragliding in Billing

Organizer | Charges: Price on request

Best time to go mountain biking in Kangra: Mid-May – mid-June & September – October

4. Kumaon, Uttarakhand

Mountain bikers relishing nature in Kumaon region of Uttarakhand

A biking experience across the Greater Himalayan region is all you need to boost your adrenaline. Biking in Kumaon is an enchanting experience of mountain biking expedition in India, which leaves you spellbound as you ride a path, not as comfortable as typical highways. The entire route, which is made up of steep ascend, rough terrain, rocky path, and lots of greenery is indeed a treat for seasoned riders who keep a special corner in their hearts for extreme sports.

The trail starts from Delhi and ends at Bhatrojkhan, during the course of the journey it takes you through the best of Uttarakhand thus making for one of the most prominent trip of mountain biking in the Himalayas.

Duration: 13 days

Route: Delhi – Kathgodam – Almora – Baijnath – Kausani – Someshwar – Binta – Ranikhet – Bhatrojkhan

Organizer | Charges: INR 8,350 per person onwards

Best time to go mountain biking in Kumaon: April – September

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5. Garhwal, Uttarakhand

A biker tacking his way through rocks in Garhwal

Another one among the popular mountain biking tours in India, Garhwal brings out the best of the adventure biker in you. Stretching over a maximum altitude of 2700 meters above sea level, the Garhwal mountain biking showcases some of the most amazing experiences sought by seasoned riders.

The entire trail is a gentle mix of rivers, valleys, mountains, forests, glaciers, and exquisite animal breeds that only get better as you advance further. The tour exhibits the best of Garhwal region. The unparalleled charm of the entire course is perfect to leave the seasoned bikers mesmerized.

Duration: 10 days

Route: Delhi – Dehradun – Mussoorie – Dhanaulti – Tehri – Ghansali – Charbatia – Chandrapuri – Ukhimath – Chopta – Chamoli – Haridwar – Delhi

Organizer | Charges: Price on request

Best time to go mountain biking in Garhwal: Throughout the year

Mountain bikers of MTB crossing hedge during the course of a trip

MTB Himalaya has played a pivotal role in changing our perception towards mountain biking in India. It was founded in the year 2004 to spread this form of adventure sports in India. MTB Himalaya has organized several races in the Himalayan region, which has projected India as one of the exciting mountain biking destinations.

Also, the frequent races conducted by them have led to the tremendous growth of this sport in India and has subsequently led to the rise of local, amateur, and seasoned mountain bikers. Rightly, Hero MTB Himalayas is every cyclist’s dream today!

The world is looking up to India as the next big destination for extreme sports like mountain biking, when are you going to break your mental block against this exciting adventure sports?

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